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As part of our commitment to partner with our clients and maximize the efficiency of their warehouse operations, National Loading Service offers a state-of-the-art freight tracking system and HEB's HaulPoint freight staging system.

NLS's proprietary freight tracking system, TUMWin, is available to our freight handling clients, providing full control of their operation and transparency into unloading and freight handling processes.


the amount of cases unloaded per year

1,250,000 sq/ft

size of our warehouse

Truck Unloading Management Features include:

  • Real-time data
  • Complete, detailed information on all incoming freight and status of the shipment and handling work
  • Custom database developed for each client to meet your unique tracking requirements. Key elements that are tracked include times in and out, PO numbers, inventory counts, vendor, counts and details on damaged products, photo documentation, and transportation details
  • Auditing features

Our staff and supervisors use tablets to input and track the information in our system, so you know it is accurate and up-to-date.

HEB's HaulPoint system offers the capability to efficiently stage products after they have been repackaged and palletized. Using the system, our crew can identify the most efficient point in your warehouse to stage the products. Your warehouse staff will be able to pick up the pallets and track the products from a centralized location, saving time and labor costs, and improving efficiency and productivity.

We are is committed to providing each client with the most efficient and effective freight unloading and handling services, partnering with them for efficient, productive freight handling operations. Contact us today to see how NLS's tracking and HEB's HaulPoint systems can improve your operations.

As of 2005 N.L.S. has invested in a state of the art database for our customers. Our database offers real-time truck unloading data at your fingertips. Dock supervisors are equipped with mobile PC units, similar to that of a FedEx or UPS driver, that record all necessary information for each unload (truck number, trailer number, P.O., case count, time in/time out, price, etc.) and downloads it directly to our database.

We have deployed a web-based interface to our central database which allows our clients to quickly review unloading information previously downloaded from our PC tablets. Our clients are able to log on to our website with a username and password for access to this real time data. This was built using industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server and .NET technology. It utilizes the Internet Explorer browser technology currently available on all Windows desktop platforms to facilitate quick rollouts. It provides searchable view into the data which is segmented into different databases internally for each customer. Users are individually authenticated with appropriate rights into each set of data relevant to them.

We have also added the capability for our supervisors to upload photos and driver signatures to our database that will justify any extra charge that a load may incur. All of the load information would be available to you via our website at This increases productivity by eliminating time consuming phone calls or emails searching for unloading information. We call this our open book policy, there are no hidden charges that many companies profit from and disguise in the unloading process. Our database gives you the chance to audit anything N.L.S. would bill at the click of a button. Honesty is our commitment to you.

For the future, we are ready to take on additional business simply by adding a new database for each client dock location and modifying the application slightly to make this new set of data available online. We have sufficient unused storage space and Internet and processing bandwidth to take on a significant increase in business.

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