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For over 25 years, National Loading Services (NLS) has been providing professional, dedicated, on-site freight unloading and handling services to companies throughout Texas. At NLS, we consider ourselves your strategic partner and are committed to providing you with high quality, professional freight unloading services that will improve your operations and profitability.

We offer our client partners the following advantages:

  • NLS handles your freight handling needs, allowing your management and staff to focus on your business.
  • Our staff is based in your warehouse and available when freight arrives to process your incoming freight quickly and accurately, minimizing interruptions to your warehouse staff.
  • We are experts in breakdowns, re-palletizing, and repackaging, ensuring that your products are palletized and packaged for easy storage in your warehouse and future shipments, maximizing the efficiency of your warehouse staff.
  • We invest in specialized equipment designed to provide maximum efficiency when working with your products and warehouse configuration.
  • Our staff is experienced in working with specialized freight, including refrigerated and frozen products.
  • Our staff uses state-of-the-art technology that allows us to stage re-palletized freight in your warehouse where it is most efficient for your staff, maximizing their processing time.
  • We utilize the latest technologies for processing and tracking inbound freight. We provide real-time tracking of receipts, handle damaged goods and returns, and manage and verify freight invoices.
  • We provide support services, including janitorial and sanitation to keep your warehouse clean and sanitary
  • NLS's staff is professionally trained and our managers are on-site and available. In addition, NLS handles all payroll and benefits for our staff, including meeting the requirements of the Affordable Care Act for coverage and IRS reporting requirements.

At NLS, we understand that we need to earn our clients' business every day and everyone on our staff is committed to doing the best job possible - each and every day. We believe that our relationships with our clients are long-term and that operating with integrity - putting our clients' interests first - will ensure both their and our success.

Contact us to see how our custom freight handling solutions can improve the productivity of our warehouse operations.

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